Soulful Enterprise is a whole new way of thinking about business.

Soulful Enterprise identifies the defining qualities and driving beliefs shape what an organisation thinks, says and does. We call these beliefs the essence of the firm.


Soulful Enterprise helps you discover, clarify and develop the essence of your firm


Why do the people we relate to matter to us?

Why do the outcomes we work for matter to us?

Why do the markets we operate in matter to us?


Soulful Enterprise measures your impact and compares it to your intention


Who are we connecting in cooperative relationship?

What are we adding to the world that wasn't there before?

Where are we extending into new markets and customer groups?


Soulful Enterprise will make the most of who you are in essence, so that you have the most impact in practice


Human practices that develop people and enable them to work cooperatively, do business efficiently and live life fully.

Creative practices, products and services that make a difference and add to the world.

Generous practices that promote abundance, widen inclusion and extend benefit.

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