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What makes a business soul-full rather than soul-less? 

Distinctive businesses are shaped by three instinctive passions:
We call these three passions SOULFUL ENTERPRISE. 

Soulful Enterprise combines product creativity that makes a difference to the world, market generosity that has an abundance mindset and processes that are shaped with humanity. Soulful Enterprise creates exceptional firms that are good at business and do good business because they escape the limits to game changing creativity, generosity and humanity that occur when short term gain is the sole mindset. Soulful Enterprise is about unlimited companies that:
• people want to work for and stay working for
• customers make a positive choice to do business with
• avoid silo thinking, dehumanised practices and a disconnect between outward appearance and inner workings
• generate greater societal impact that underpins longer term profitability.

Soulful Enterprise identifies business practices shaped by universal processes

Universal processes promote healthy growth by resolving three absences:
• ADDITION: Resolving formlessness by adding function, purpose and value
• EXTENSION: Resolving emptiness by filling and extending impact
• CONNECTION: Resolving separation by connecting people in cooperative relationship


Universal processes apply to three business ecosystems:
• PRODUCT ECOSYSTEM: what are we adding?
• MARKET ECOSYSTEM: where are we extending?
• RELATIONAL ECOSYSTEM: who are we connecting?


Each business ecosystem is driven by a Soulful Enterprise passion:
• CREATIVITY: we are made to make a difference
• GENEROSITY: we thrive within abundance
• HUMANITYwe depend on the cooperation of others


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