Soulful Enterprise is a fresh way of thinking about business.
It develops an expansive mindset that maximises business creativity, generosity and humanity for the common good.


Soulful Enterprise follows Expansive universal processes

1. expansive Universal processes respond to three natural challenges


Responding to formlessness by adding function, purpose and value.


Responding to emptiness by filling and extending impact.

Responding to separation by connecting people in cooperative relationship.

2. Expansive Universal processes lead to three business questions


Product question
What are we adding?


Market question
Where are we extending?

Process question
Who are we connecting?

3. Expansive Universal processes shape three instinctive business attitudes


Soulful Enterprise has a generative narrative that makes a difference and adds to the world.

Soulful Enterprise has an expansive mindset that promotes abundance and extends benefit.

Soulful Enterprise has a transformative culture that encourages human thriving and cooperative relationship.


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