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Research paper downloads
Summary paper: What is Soulful Enterprise and how does the diagnostic tool work?
Research paper: What makes Soulful Enterprise distinct?
Research paper: What is a Soulful Enterprise worldview?

Opportunities to get involved

There are several ways you can get involved in Soulful Enterprise - particularly by coming to a study summit and offering to be a case study. We are also holding symposia in various business contexts and will list more details soon.

London study summit

March 2018
at Cass Business School
106 Bunhill Row, London EC1Y 8TZ

An interactive study summit with several brief keynote talks followed by group workshops where aspects of Soulful Enterprise are discussed, insights shared and diagnostic tools developed.

Please contact us for details of the next summit.

Case studies

We are looking for firms willing to be a case study as we test and develop the material. We would come to you and spend some time interviewing key staff and researching data. We would produce a confidential report that is yours to keep and would agree what can be used internally by Soulful Enterprise and what can be published externally. 

Soulful enterprise HEALTHCHECK 

A web-based tool for assessing the current soulfulness of your firm and highlighting areas for development.

Coming soon