Soulful Enterprise creates game changing firms free from the limits of a short term gain mindset. 

Soul-full enterprises combine product creativity that makes a difference to the world, market generosity with an abundance mindset and process humanity that puts people first.

Soul-full enterprises:
• are good at business and do good business
• act the same on the inside as they appear on the outside
• avoid the risks of silo thinking and dehumanised practices

and as a result are organisations that:
• people want to work for and stay working for
• customers make a positive choice to do business with
• generate greater societal impact that underpins longer term profitability.


The Product Ecosystem of Creativity : we are made to make a difference

Material absence leads to lack of form, disorder, atrophy and waste.  The term 'formless' means 'to be in a state of unreality'. Universal processes act to shape matter and release potential and engineer purpose.  

A Soulful Enterprise:
• adds worth, form purpose, create order and release trapped potential
• solves real problems with lasting solutions
• meets genuine needs with empathy, ingenuity, efficiency and elegance
• invests resources and skills into enhancing lives.

Diagnostic question:
Imagine today is your very last day of work. Look back at all your firm has achieved while you have worked for it. What have you added to the world? What would you be most pleased about and what would you consider to have been a less effective use of your time and efforts?


The Market Ecosystem of Generosity: we thrive within abundance

In the natural world vacuums produce void and empty space. Similarly in business ecosystems lack occurs when combative competition, aggressive acquisition and excessive consumption create scarcities and limit growth.  Universal processes act to fill voids and multiply an abundance of strength, life and fruitfulness. 

A Soulful Enterprise: 
• fills voids and vacuums so life can expand
• multiplies functional benefit, pioneers markets and widens accessibility
• focuses on markets where the need is greatest and supply is least (blue ocean)
• cultivates clients by building relationship and treating them as you'd like to be treated. 

Diagnostic question:
Would you describe your culture as: 
- a farmer who cultivates new markets and builds longterm relationships
- a hunter gatherer who beats any competition and eats what they kill?
Would your customers agree?


The Process Ecosystem of Humanity : we depend on the cooperation of others

Natural processes are systems of interdependence and wholeness.  Silo thinking, conditional value, abuse of power and exploitation disrupt this natural order, break down healthy relationships, cause power struggles and sow distrust. Universal processes have a guiding sense of responsibility and cooperation that looks wider than self-interest. 

A Soulful Enterprise: 
• shapes activities with human centric design that understands people and enhances wellbeing
• values people, treats them with dignity, builds cooperative relationship and develops human potential
• releases from enslaving, demeaning and dehumanising practices
• relates to stakeholders with compassion, reconciliation, truth and justice.

Diagnostic question:
Imagine you take your parents into work for the day. What would they say about the way you treat staff, customers, staff and investors that you interact with?